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A little more help with Ulla knitting zine

Edited March 14. 2007
I have been breaking the copyright law... the image belongs to Tikru, who's the mother of this pattern, and frankly, I have been translating enough of the pattern so that it can be seen as violation as well... *blush* For some reason I didn't think about it, and now I'm REALLY ASHAMED OF MYSELF.
Tikru contacted me, and she has been great about this all. If she did it because someone told her about this, thank you.

Ulla Finnish knitting zine

Lanka - yarn
langan menekki - "consumption of yarn" - how much yarn is needed
Neuletiheys - gauge
Puikot - needles
Koko - size
Mallineule - swatch
Ohje - pattern, instructions

cm - centimeters
s - stitch
krs - row

Ulla's English-Finnish wordlist

Let's look a little closet this pretty Green Day slipover

Yarn "Pirtin kehräämön karstalanka 140 tex 3, 200 g, väri kevät 726, liukuvärjätty vihreä"
"Pirtin kehräämö" is the yarn company, "karstalanka" is the harder kind of wool, "kampalanka" is softer. Finnish yarn is usually marked with "tex" number, which tells how much 1000 meters of yarn weights in grams. "140 tex 3" means that 1000 meters of the yarn weighs 140 grams and it's 3-plied.
You need 200 g of the yarn - about 1500 meters and one meter is about a yard.
Väri is color and "kevät 726" is the color name of this specific yarn (spring 726) and it's "liukuvärjätty vihreä" - dyed sliding green.

the gauge is "16 s ja 18 krs sileää neuletta = 10 cm" - 16 stitches and 18 rows stockinette = 10 cm by 10 cm square.

the needles are
*"Pyöröpuikot" - circular - "4,5 mm, 40 cm ja 80 cm tai käsialan mukaan"
That's pretty easy to understand. "ja" is and in Finnish.
"tai käsialan mukaan" or according your hand.
* Apupuikko palmikoille - help needle for the cables

Size: M/L - medium or large
(jopa S-koko, koska selän joustinneule tekee koosta mukautuvan)
(even size Small, because the rib stitch of the back makes the size adjustable)

Vartalon ympärys: 98 cm, yhtään venyttämättä n. 80 cm
measurement around body - 98 cm, without stretching any about 80 cm
Sivun pituus: 37 cm
length of side
Koko pituus: 55 cm
whoe length

swatch: see the chart in the end of the page
Well, let's see the chart. Pretty easy to understand. A nine stitches braided cable, with two side stitches, every fourth row you twist the three stitches from outside in the middle, from every other side at every other time, and the picture is "oikean puolen palmikko" - right side cable.
As you can see on the picture, the cable braids are mirrored.

ENNEN KUIN ALOITAT (before you start)
Then the designer explains some things in Finnish, which are not necessary to know to knit the slipover. She says that you can knit it in round or flat, and she knitted it flat because she was thinking of adding buttons or zipper and making it a west instead.

HELMASTA KOHTI HARTIOITA (from bottom edge up towards the shoulders)

Luo pitkälle pyöröpuikolle 134 s.
cast on on the long circular needle 134 stitches

1 krs. - first row
(op) - right side, (np) - wrong side
2o, 2n joustinneule - 2 knit, 2 purl rib
3. row - "palmikonkierrot" - cable twist. As you can see on the pattern, the rib is cabled as well. It's an easy cable, you just switch the places of the knit stitches every fourth row. And as you can see, it's first stitch behind the work, knit the second stitch, knit the first stitch.
"toista kerroksia 1-4 vielä 4 kertaa"
repeat the rows 1-4 4 more times.
"yhteensä palmikonkiertoja tehdään viisi"
All together there are five cable twists.
Very understandable, no problems :-)


"Isoista palmikoista yleisesti"
About the big cables in general
She explains what I just said above about the chart.

Then the pattern begins.
1. row (rs): knit
2 k, 2 p, 9 k (right side front cable), 2 p, 11 k, 2 p, 9 k (right side side cable), 2 p, 3 k, *2p, 6k* (repeat *-* 6 times), 2 p, 3 k, 2 p, 9 k (left side side cable), 2 p, 11 k, 2 p, 9 k (left side front cable), 2 p, 2 k
2. row (ws) and all the even rows: knit knits and purl purls
3. row: start twisting cables according to the chart row 3

"jatka" continue
"jatka kunnes" continue until
You'll continue this way until there's 27 cm. Look at the picture. Nine cables.

There seem to be somekind of pattern knitted on the front stockinette in the picture, but that's not in the pattern.

I would say the wordlist I posted a couple of days ago is a very good help here. Now, check it out and then come back and ask if there are any problems.


takakappaleen kädentiet ja pääntie - armholes and neck back


The short version is that you start making the decreases for neck in front, when you are up to armholes, you'll finish the backside, and then come back and finish the front, left (vasen) and right (oikea) side (puoli ;-)) mirroring each other (peilikuvaksi).

VIIMEISTELY (finishing)

kolmen puikon päättely - three needle bind-off
kädentiet - armholes
you'll pick up 60 stitches and knit 4 rounds 2k, 2p rib.
päättele löysästi - bind off loosely
pääntie - neck
pick up 108 and knit 8 rounds 2k, 2p rib
HUOM! Note!
If you knit the slipover in round or have sewn it closed before you knit the neck, you'll need to pick up only 106 stitches.

Ompele etusauma tai tee nappilista tai ompele vetoketju paikalleen.
Sew the front seam or make a button band or sew the zipper on place

Päättele langanpäät ja pingota kevyesti.
Weave in ends and block lightly.

KAAVIOT (charts)

vasemman puolen palmikot - left side cable
oikean puolen palmikot - right side cable
kuvassa oikean puolen palmikkoa - in the picture right side cable
oikealla oikein, nurjalla nurin - on the right side knit, on the wrong side purl
oikealla nurin, nurjalla oikein - on the right side purl, on the wrong side knit
nosta 3 silmukkaa apupuikolle työn eteen - lift 3 stitches on the help needle in front of work
neulo 3 seuraavaa silmukkaa, neulo silmukat apupuikolta - knit the 3 following stitches, knit the stitches from the help needle
nosta 3 silmukkaa apupuikolle työn taakse - lift 3 stitches on the help needle in back of work

P.S. Yarn Harlot: Peukalo is thumb

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