Sunday, January 14, 2007

What have I been doing lately?

I just finished the "John Anderson's Kilt Hose" for my dad.

Another pair of socks I finished already a month ago, and sent to a swap pal - I hope they get to New Zealand SOON! I really hate the posting part of swaps... one never knows what happens. I forgot to write "New Zealand" on the package... DUH! This is the infamous "boring pair".

Then there are couple of doilies - or one doily and one chair set. I don't remember where I found the doily... I think it was called "little white doily", and it's a free pattern on-line somewhere.

And here's my two darlings :-) I don't think the "red eye removal" works too well, do you? Both my darlings have glowing eyes, which they do NOT have in reality LOL (And that's the chair this chair set is going to "protect"... It is true that my darling doesn't have that much hair and it's not oily either, but he likes pretty things and I like making pretty things ;-))
BTW, I have posted two of the missing four "Days of Christmas" dishcloth dechifferings. :-) Have fun :-)

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