Thursday, September 21, 2006

Fingerless gloves and wrist warmers...

These lovely red wrist warmers are from "Saartje Knits" - it's her own design :-)

I am in a "Warm hands, warm hearts" swap. I love gloves - with or without fingers. I also love wrist warmers, as my wrists ache pretty often, especially on the winter - and now, when I'm ill... the fever always hits the joints.

I am a yarn snob and very particular with what I like and what not... But I am also a nice girl, and understand the thought behind things, and won't look "into the mouth of a gift horse" ;-) I will be happy about what ever I get. Besides, if I really can't stand using them, there's always people I know, who will :-) I'll be grateful which ever way :-D

But I was asked a question of what I would like... so here goes.

I received a pair of black and purple shadow-work wrist warmers from my one skein secret pal. I think they are angora or alpacka or something else like that, because they are very soft and slightly fuzzy :-) Black and purple are not exactly my colors, I like red, cream white and peacock colors; blended greens, blues, teals and purples. I also like green and teals, turquoise, aqua. Pink is ok too, but nothing dusty, greyish or with brown. I like clear, bright colors.
These one are pretty nice :-) fingerless mitts

Not this bright, though!
Fuzzy Mabel's patterns. Yikes! I am not fond of shock pink, neon colors, psychedelic combinations and such...
And these blue-and-yellow ones are yikes! too... the red and orange ones on the other hand are funny :-) I'd like those :-)
These are yikes! too ;-)

The worst would be purple or lavendel. Or browny-green with ochra... 60's or 70's retro style. *yuk*
This is one example of what I would NOT like: "Mitts at the beach"
Here's another: Wrist warmers

Here's an example of BAD "peacock colored" wrist warmers... I don't like Koigu. I like my variegated yarn to blend softly, flow from one color to another, like these :-) This is an example of GOOD peacock colored wrist warmers :-) Koigu is too messy for my taste. And this: just messy! I am not too fond of self-striping yarn either.

I love rainbows... these are very nice. Even with all the purple. ;-)

I am also not too fond of effect yarns. These are pretty awful... fun fur fingerlesses

Color work is nice :-) Swedish fingerles Mitts
Norwegian wrist warmers and cowl
- I wouldn't combine burgundy with apple green and orange though... Burgundy is a nice color. I love rich burgundy-maroony color. That one is a little too pale... it should be more spicy, richer and deeper color. More like this. :-) (Yes, yes, I know, messy variegated yarn - but very nice colors :-))

Also, I am a bit romantic, so lace would be nice :-)
These are very pretty :-)
Heartstring's fiber art lacy wrist warmers
These are very pretty - awful color though...
And these are wonderful! Those long, red ones... *drool*

I like beaded wristwarmers... these green ones on the cover of the Japanese "beads knitting" book are lovely :-)

I also like aran knitting, cables and such :-)
Fetching from Knitty are really nice :-)

I also have a little wacky sense of humor ;-)
I love these: Knucks
"harm - none" is a good message, and I think "knit-purl" would be fun too :-D
These are SO COOL!! Lace Up Skull Arm Warmers
and these: Snowball's Change in Hell

anyway... this is just talk. The only requirement I have is that they need to be at least 4 inches long. So even though these are really cool too, they are too short...

Here's some patterns:
and here's "Craft Like A Pirate" :-D
Swedish pattern for skull wrist warmers :-)

These are from Himalaya yarns, and are kind of witty, but WHY, OH WHY THE PURPLE!!! The colors are hideous! Especially the ochra one with ruffles... Ochra, salmon, teal and purple? Is the designer blind? *brrr*


Anonymous said...

You've given me a lot to work with--thank you! I'm not a big purple fan, either, so I'm glad not to work in it!! Do you like Mrs. Beetons at

Ketutar said...

Yes :-) Cute too :-) I didn't notice them first time around LOL

Anonymous said...

Hello, Tea Swap Pal! Planning some wonderful things for you. Are there particular things you like that you can't find in Finland? Certain brands of tea, candies or yarns?

Yours in tea,

Your Tea Swap Pal

Ketutar said...

What I can't find in Finland or Sweden... Good question...

Well... someone send me Pearson's Salted Nut Rolls and someone else "Milkfulls"... *drool* Those I can't get here, and both are uuuuuuh so yummy!

Most of the yarns are available here... There are some brands that are not available, but I haven't been paying much attention, because - well, what's not available, is not much worth to dream about, don't you think? *blush*

Tea! Yes, my previous tea swapper send me some of those handsewn pyramid silk tea bags, and that was the best tea I have ever tasted...
Tea forté... But it's pretty expensive. I'm a simple girl with expensive taste LOL
Darjeeling is fine :-)

But - your hands are free :-) I'm sure what ever it is, it's perfect :-)

H.R.M. Queen of the Universe said...

The red Valentines fuzzy fingerless gloves look like a red catepillar. I just finished a baby's hat for my daughters teacher who is pregnant. You can find it on my blog a few entries ago. My Ex is moving to Finland.

H.R.M. Queen of the Universe said...

I forgot to ask, why fingerless mittens/gloves? Aren't your fingers the coldest part of your hands in the winter?

Anonymous said...

Actually, fingerless mitts are great in case you need to do something that requires a need for free fingers...also, pulse warmers (or wrist bands) work great if your house is cold!

I spent the weekend knitting for you and making some progress!

Ketutar said...

Yes, the idea is to get something one can use when, for example, using the computer all days and nights... ;-)

I use them often when I have fever, to keep my wrists warm. Gloves or mittens would be too much.

They are also great to cover the area which is not covered with sleeves. Women's shirts have often shorter sleeves.

Anonymous said...

Could someone point me in the right direction for the person who makes and sells these fingerless gloves.

Ketutar said...

If you want to buy wrist warmers / fingerless mitts/gloves someone has knit themselves and sells, I recommend You could find something at e-bay as well.

Adams Young said...

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