Monday, September 18, 2006

I'm snotty Ketty...

Second week flu... yuk. But I have been doing things.

I joined a washcloth KAL group. We are to knit two washcloths a month, and we'll get the pattern just a few rows a day... so it's a surprise what will come of it :-D
It's just that I'm Finnish, so we are not used to use washcloths... or dishrags. I still find the idea of using the dishrag to wash dishes pretty scary... I am used to use a dishbrush. But one can always use some cute rags to wipe the counters and tabletops and so on. And I love knitting easy, quick and interesting patterns :-)

I made some doll clothes this weekend. My mother had found a couple of (really ugly) dolls in flea market, and they didn't have any clothes, so my sisters and I made them two sets of clothes. My brother has a daughter, who is 4 years old, who loves dolls and is a real girly girl :-) Loves pink and clothes and being a princess :-)

I am knitting a shawl for my "shapely t" - just a simple garter stitch triangle with japanese effect yarn borders as only decoration.

Then I need to do some wrist warmers to my big sister. It's getting a little chilly now, and we are not getting any younger ;-)

I have added a couple of blogs to my links
Faery Crafty
Knitting in Color
and antiblog.knitting
I suppose I need to add a couple more Finnish and Swedish blogs too, to make my Finnish and Swedish speaking readers happy ;-)
So, here's Hikihelmiä ja piikkilankaa
and here's Knittermarie's blog :-)

Antiblog has some absolutely amazing double knits... really inspiring :-)
Knitting in Color's Nanette Blanchard has self-published a couple of pattern books :-) They look pretty interesting :-) I think I want those knitted Christmas lights LOL

Faery Crafty has a list of free patterns, and this is the reason for this blog.
She has a link to Adriafil yarn company. I went there and couldn't find the free patterns, but then I noticed that when you click on the magazine covers, you get a new page, where it says "fashion" and "baby", and when you click on either, you get into the page where the free patterns are. And then you just click on the "Instructions" link under the picture of the "desired" pattern, you'll get the pattern. Some of them are such that "You Knit What" would have had a fugly moment and needed to dig out their own eyes to stop puking :-D But some of them are interesting. The baby patterns are nice, and I like the crocheted thingies... well... of course the fuglies are "interesting" too, but I wouldn't make them. :-)

Cute Baby stuff
She has collected cute baby stuff (duh! LOL) links on a blog entry.
Carole Bareny's seamless yoked baby sweater is not where she gives the link, it's here:
and Canadian Living's "Baby jacket" is here. It is really cute LOL
She has also bag links, bikini links (!), poncho links, shawl and wrap links, bolero and shrug links, summer top links and sweater links...
I am not too fond of bikinis, ponchos and shrugs... I find it hard to understand why anyone would WANT to have links to SEVERAL knitted or crocheted bikini patterns... how many pairs do you want? And can you actually use them for anything else but sun bathing? And how many people have a body that goes with knitted/crocheted bikinis? Or ponchos? How many of those wretched things you want??? Anyway - I am fully aware that people have different preferences and what is fugly to me is nice for someone else. Anyway, Faery Crafty has done a huge and very nice job, and deserves all credit for it :-)

Stargazer's free pattern links.

There's also a link to Ornaghi's yarn company.
So I suppose I'll give a link to Drops and Garn Studio. Something Swedish for all :-)
and here's Novita's patterns... in Finnish, I'm afraid. And here's more Finnish, Pirkka-lehden neuleohjeet. Those of you who are unfortunate enough not to speak or read Finnish can always look at the pictures... and if you find something you JUST MUST HAVE, I can help... perhaps... at least a little.

And here's Yahoo! group "Free Knit Patterns" :-)

Enjoy :-)

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