Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Socktober fest!

It's still a week and a little to go, but it's time to start preparing oneself :-)

Here's a nice blog entry on how to photograph socks.
It isn't always easy thing to do by yourself and with nothing to be used as a modell to wear the sock... So either one takes a picture of a sock on a flat surface
(Here the date is correct - my own design, clog socks to my hubby)
- or more ambitious ones make a nice setting ;-)
This is from a "sock of the month kit" club... I think it's called "mystery cables" or something like that.
- or you take a picture from "above"
These are Godzilla socks
or the classic "soles together yoga" kind of sock picture.
(Ignore the date - I didn't know how to disable the dating system, and it wasn't set either... the picture is taken in mid-June this year. Six Sox Color Blox)

It is really interesting to start looking at sock pictures with this in mind...
Here's Flickr group "Socktober Fest" which is an excellent place to start looking at sock photos.

BTW, here's "Island of Misfit Patterns"


Anonymous said...

I'm making you wrist warmers for the Swap-bot swap...could you post information about what styles you like, as well as fibers and colors you prefer so I can come up with a plan?


HPNY Knits said...

I use wine glasses to photograph socks, they are shaped well. don't forget a glass for you...