Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Sweet September

Isn't it funny how time flies? It feels like yesterday I started this blog... and in the beginning I think I posted like twice a day, and now it's once a week - if I'm lucky... *blush*

So, it's September and another month for all the projects :-)

Whip-lash is about hats :-) I love hats :-) This red amazing creation is by Ella J. Kidd.

Apron "tie one on" pinafore theme has been extended through September.

Pincushion "Recycle" theme is for August and September.

I just wonder if Maria has thought of arranging another journal swap...

Anyway, I managed to knit my t-shirt and it's very nice. :-) I was a bit worried of that it's too big - and I still suspect that it IS a little too big, but I'm sure it will become better after a visit in the washing machine. The color isn't quite right for me, a little bit too strong and muddled, but it's ok.
I managed to knit the bag, and I have send it to a swap pal. It's a bit sad that I couldn't take any more pictures of it, but when there are no batteries in the camera, there are no batteries. I hope my swap pal will post pictures. I hope she's still there... I haven't heard of her for a couple of months now...
Now I'm knitting yet another pair of socks. For Six Sox.

I found a couple of nice patterns at "Crystal Palace Yarns"
I was also told that Elann adds new patterns... and some of them ARE good :-D
I also would like to remind of Knitty's Breast Cancer awareness special

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