Saturday, September 23, 2006

Sock Wars II

Ok... we should have got the "weapons" and "victims" yesterday, but, alas, there was a hurricane in Belfast and our war leader couldn't send us the secret dossier...
About 9 a.m. today I found out that she had posted the sock pattern on her website, so that we can at least start... but now I'm so far on with the sock, that I need to know which size the sock is supposed to be... *sigh*
So I'm wondering, if I should knit them in size 40-41, because that is the most common sock size in the group ;-) and knit a new pair of socks if the victim's foot is of another size...

I'll just wait. Just like everyone else :-D

Edited just 10 minutes later :-)
Yarn Monkey had posted all the assassins and victims on her blog, so I know now that Assassin Baa Bonny Belle is knitting to kill Ketutar and Assassin Ketutar is knitting to kill Celtic Queen :-) I know that Celtic Queen lives in Pittsburgh :-) Good :-) I better get the socks posted tomorrow :-)

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RooKnits said...

Assassin Roo@War is well on her way to killing Ketutar as Baa Bonny Belle has retired. The socks were finished at lunch today, will be in the mail tomorrow! Hope you like them, and hence enjoy "dying"