Thursday, September 28, 2006

Not only knitting...

This blog is supposed to be about fiber crafts... It's "need more FIBER", not "need more knitting", and right now it's been a lot about knitting. *sigh*

Well... I have all kinds of excuses. I have been sick for almost three weeks now. I have been PLANNING all kinds of things ;-)

Some of you might know that I am crazy about holidays. It started with Christmas, but I am not Christian, and there was a time when I objected to about everything about Christmas, simply because... well... the connection to Christianity is quite obvious, don't you think.
Then I found Wicca and the 8 Sabbats. The four sun Sabbats, Midwinter, Midsummer, Midspring and Midautumn, are SMALLER Sabbats... and Midwinter IS Yule - Christmas... and I thought of the Christmas madness, all the thousands of craft projects for Christmas and decorating and all that, and realized, that I can actually have Christmas all year around! 8 feasts all AT LEAST AS BIG AS CHRISTMAS!!!

But, alas, I'm a bad girl :-( I have the know-how and all the ideas, but no perseverance and discipline :-( You should see my home IF I did even half of all the things I have planned...

Now it was Mabon, and oh, didn't I have some great ideas for Mabon...
Next it's Samhain - Halloween - The Holy Night ;-) - and I have ideas...

I want to make table setting, with tablecloth, runner, napkins and table mats.
I want to make bread cloth and napkin rings.
I want to make a table cloth and some spiderweb doilies for the candy table.
I want to make some cushions and throw for the sofa.
I want to make potholders, kitchen towels, dishrags and apron.
I want to make chair cushions.
I want to make curtains, drapes, shades, what ever they are called
I want to make bedlinen, quilt bed cover and cushions
I want to make bath room sets
I want to make season mats to every room
and a lot of ornaments!

I want to have 8 different sets of decorating, change the color and textiles all over the household 8 times a year. Red and green for Yule; white and red for Imbolc; yellow and green for Ostara; green and pink for Beltane; blue and yellow, white and red for Litha; grey green, dark blue and gold for Lammas; autumn leaves (red, yellow and orange) and burgundy for Mabon and black and orange for Samhain...

The thing is that I know how to do a lot of different fiber crafts. I can knit, crochet, naalbind, tat and make bobbin and needle lace, I can sew and weave and felt and embroider and... anything. But I don't do "anything"... and that's a bloody shame!


ambermoggie said...

You do wonderful work, never mind saying you don't DO anything:) Love the witch BTW. I'm busy making gifts for our Samhain bonfire and get together
amber in scotland

Ketutar said...

I love the witch too :-)
Too bad it's not my work :-(
Just inspiration :-)