Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Update on sock wars :-)

"I know now that Assassin Baa Bonny Belle is knitting to kill Ketutar and Assassin Ketutar is knitting to kill Celtic Queen :-)"

Celtic Queen had send her socks to her victim, who had sent her socks to her victim, and my assassin missed the war and forwarded me to her assassin...
so... now Roo at war is knitting to kill me, and I have sent the socks to kill Celtic Queen - should be there on Thursday - and will be knitting to kill... Shoemouse or Boyforpele13... There is a slight difference there... Shoemouse has size UK5 and Boy US11 LOL... and they both are knitting so that the needles are smoking... so perhaps I won't kill anyone else LOL

I just love this. I'm laughing so I have difficulties staying sitting :-D

Thank you, YarnMonkey, for this lovely invention! :-)

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