Sunday, November 26, 2006

Knittig lace

I WAS planning on knitting one lace bookmark a day - at least - and this is my Lacevember catch... well... better than Socktober :->

The turquoise thingy is horrible. I made it just to practice lace knitting. The needles I have are too thick, I don't have 0, 00, 000 or 0000 - I'd like to, but lace knitting isn't popular in Scandinavia, so they don't offer needles in those sizes. Perhaps a swap pal will have mercy on me, and send me a pair of thin lace knitting needles ;-)

Knit lace bookmarks:
"Mary original pattern"
Ava Coleman's pattern
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diamond lace
Waves from the top
Parisian Arches
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Links of Lace bookmark
Lace heart bookmark
Granny Garret's bookmarks Ida and Leandra
Free Pattern's "Elegant bookmark"
Eyelet charm bookmark
Tia Judy's bookmark Seashell (This is the turquoise monstruosity), Scalloped Edge and Stringed Heart
Lot's of lacy bookmarks
Yarn Over's bookmarks; Pinetrees and Tammy's

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