Monday, November 06, 2006

New week in November

I have been knitting washcloths, dishcloths, facecloths, dishrags, what ever you wish to call them.
Rättejä, liinoja, pyyheitä ja lappuja. (Rags, cloths, towels and patches)

I had three themes. One was "fall leaves" Fall leaves, the other "black cats" black cat dishcloths (you'd see the black crocheted cat, amineko, which I also made, but I have put my camera somewhere and cannot locate it now...) and the third theme was "black and orange".

I made one black and orange with 3-in-1 slip stitch pattern from Monthly Dishcloths, one mitered discloth and am currently knitting one with Corn on the Cob stitch. (You have color 1 in rows 2 and 5, and color 2 in rows 2 and 4, to get it striped as in the picture)
It gives a very nice, dense fabric, with some texture on the surface, so I think it will be a perfect dishcloth.

Then I'm going to do one with an Italian pattern; "Nido d'Api Bicolori". That's two-colored honeycomb stitch.
It sounds a bit like this "Heatherbee's Honeycomb Stitch", but is not the same. I suppose it's not called "honeycomb stitch" in English. Perhaps linen stitch?Anyway, that's what I'll try.

And this is the fifth two-colored stitch I'm going to try :-)
I should find one more, but... *sigh* I'll tell you when I do. Perhaps I'll just knit a pumpkin ;-)

BTW, that "Cascading Leaves" is lace ;-)

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