Sunday, November 12, 2006

More lace...

Image information: Nancie M. Wiseman's knitted lace edging. Photograph by Joe Coca.

Sarah Bradberry, another Aries, a year younger than I am ;-), has some pretty nice patterns on her website.

Here's some lace.

Like this one:
Simple, but beautiful.
Or this one:

Doilies, tablecloths and other round laces

Lace edgings and insertions

Tia Judy's absolutely lovely site about lace knitting

You know... I posted something in Lacevember's blog, and it was deleted. I suppose my mistake was to name it wrong... I don't know. I was never contacted, the entry was just deleted. I posted a link to a nice lace pattern, or lace pattern links - I don't remember anymore... it's deleted, all gone, so I can't even go back and see... I feel like something has been stolen from me, because I can't remember what it was. I think it was something worth having, because I don't post things if I don't think they are of value at least to someone...
I really wish I was told before someone deleted the message. Or that someone had sent the entry back to my mailbox. I feel ignored, offended, hurt, upset and disillusioned, and I think who ever deleted the entry is an inconsiderate ***.

I'm pretty sure it was Yarn Over.

But go to Lace Knitting Ring and go through the sites. Very interesting, inspiring and most of them also have free patterns ;-)


mamma said...

On behalf of the Lacevember Ladies, please accept my apologies. If I remember right, it was a link to Yarn-over, which is a wonderful site. I appreciated the link and the patterns offered there. I don't know why your entry was deleted. I do remember it was named in a manner that made it appeared to be the third featured pattern from the Lacevember Ladies, which it of course wasn't. I agree you should have recieved an e-mail, and maybe just a name change to the title, not an entire post delete. I am not the Lacevember Lady who deleted it, so I don't know why the decision to delete it was made. I'm sorry your feelings were hurt and you feel like something was stolen from you. I'm sure the intent of the deleter was to make sure your link was not mis-represented as a featured pattern. Again I apologise and hope you will have fun with Lacevember.

Ketutar said...

Thank you very much, Mamma.
I appreciate enormously your message, and it's very soothing. :-)
Thank you

Of course it's ok to delete any post that isn't ok for any reason, and I did name it misleadingly - but I would have appreciated to find it out in another way...

Again, thank you for your message. Very much appreciated. And I will enjoy Lacevember :-) I didn't leave, though for a while I wanted to ;-)