Thursday, November 02, 2006


I love lace. Especially big, airy shawls. Like those by Dorothy Siemens... *sigh* (The picture is Peacock Feathers by Dorothy)

To that category belongs Heere be Dragone by Sharon Winsauer from Aurora Alpacas

Fibertrends have also very pretty things, like Pacific North West

I also love White Lies' lovely, feminine designs.

The "problem" for me with all this is that I don't have any chances of getting these patterns. I live in Sweden and even though these are available on the internet, very few companies accept non-credit card buyers - even if one would use paypal or something like that, the credit card information is used as validation. :->

So... I have to either design my own lace or use the free patterns on-line.
Faery Crafty's lace links's lace links
Wendyknits' lace patterns
Knitpicks have a couple free and interesting lace patterns
Anne has a lot of interesting celtic knots made into lace charts
Judy Gibson has some lace
Lynda has two very beautiful, large, airy lace shawls :-)
Here's some vintage patterns, with some lace included
Magknits have three easy lace shawl patterns
Knitty has a couple of lace patterns. like branching out and lacecap
Knitting Pattern Central has lace and lacy items, lace, miscellaneous and lace; women's clothing

Training Wheels by Jane Bynum
and Rabbit Tracks by Alison Hyde
rabbit tracks

But begin with "See Eunny Knit; Majoring in Lace"
Spindlitis has also an interesting page about lace knitting.
Here's Marilyn Robert's tips for lace knitters
Margaret Stove's Lace Knitting FAQ

To get some inspiration, surf this "Lace Knitting Ring" and look at the pictures at Flickr Lace Knitting group :-)

Interweave Knits: Blocking Lace (pdf)
Choosing fine yarns for lace knitting

Here's more interesting things :-)
Print O' The Wave Stole
Something that looks very much like the above stole - dyed after knitting...

And "hello, yarn"s "figuring out how to make skull lace"
Skull and crossbones lace

Ok... and what am I trying to say with all this? That I don't have a clue of what I'm going to knit this Lacevember! ;-)

Knit lace leaf ornament
Knit lace balls - very interesting trying to figure out what this is when the pictures aren't there... ;-)

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