Friday, December 15, 2006

12 Days of Yule - Episode Eight

Did I mention that I like poinsettias? Here's a cross stitch ornament with poinsettia, "Shades of Christmas"

Not into poinsettias? You're weird... Here's a Santa Cat ornament. You can either crochet it or cross stitch it.

And here some really beautiful Christmas angels, one for each year.


What have I been doing? I'm trying desperately get my Six Sox Turkish Socks done, and for some weird reason they are the MOST BOOOOORIIIING socks I have ever knitted... I don't understand. The pattern is nice, I like colorwork, the yarns are nice, the colors are nice, and the socks are going to be wonderful... but I CAN'T STAND KNITTING THEM!!!
So I crochet things in between. I even started a tatted snowflake, just to avoid knitting the damned socks... *sigh*

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