Saturday, December 09, 2006

12 Days of Yule - Episode Five

The project for today is a small, cute pillow.

I really like pillows too... when I was small, I dreamed about a bed filled with pillows... all kinds of pillows, oriental, lace pillows, pillows that looked like clouds, or carrots, or sheep... I love pillows. So - fill your couch with Yule pillows LOL

Patchwork pillow with trees
Patchwork pillow with star
Large patchwork pillow
Sewn Christmas Cat pillow
Knitted "ho ho Santa" pillow
Knitted reindeer pillow
Cross stitch Noel pillow (wait for the ads to load up and then close it.)
Appliqued "Trim Up The Tree" pillow
Crocheted Christmas Wreath pillow

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