Saturday, December 09, 2006

Crocheting lace

I joined a couple of crochet groups at Yahoo!
This is my first effort in lace crocheting for a long time. The needle and yarn are as they should be, but my hand is way too loose.
My grandmother told me, when I was 10 and asked her why her doilies are so smooth and pretty, and mine are loose and sloppy, that it's just a matter of experience, and my hand will become better the more I crochet. It was only now I realised, that the most important thing is to have a steady tension on the yarn and good rhythm in crocheting.

Yesterday Annie's Attic published a pattern of the kind of angels I was looking for day before, and I have been fighting with angels... I forget rounds, cannot understand simple instructions, didn't care about counting my stitches, and it was absolutely horrible. So I have been "tehcorcing" and frogging - crocking as my husband says (nothing to do with crock, everything to do with crocs) - swearing over the poor angel, and crocheting the pattern over and over again, with small variation every time. I think it is as it should be now.

A member of the group found a Chinese photo album service, and there's a lot of people, who have been saving different craft projects, crochet charts, cross stitch charts, and everything possible... I have been spending a couple of nights there, looking at the vast supply...
If you are interested - and prepared to loose a lot of time, and get a lot longer "to do" list, then here's one of the contributors. When you're done, go and see her fans and friends...

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