Wednesday, December 06, 2006

It's Finland's Birthday :-)

Some patriotic patterns :-)

First, it's virtually impossible to find blue-and-white ribbon anywhere outside Finland, so you can make your own ribbon to be worn on the wintercoat by taking blue and white yarn, casting on about 30 stitches and knitting 4 rows with blue and then 4 rows with white and then binding off and weaving in the ends.
You can also crochet this.

You can also stitch a small Finnish flag.

I don't approve using the Finnish flag as blanket (afghan) or dishcloths, but it's quite nice to take any two-colored pattern and make it in blue and white. For example this iPod bag is perfect :-D

This is also very pretty, though it's a handkerchief, and wiping one's nose on the Finnish flag is NOT ok.

Here's a couple of small charts for you to make for Finland
waving flag flag heart flag

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