Thursday, December 28, 2006

Now Yule is over... for this year ;-)

I'm back, but you have to wait for the twelfth day till tomorrow :-) Actually, the 12th day of Christmas is 5th of January, so there's plenty of time :-D

Here's a photo of me opening my Yule presents :-) I had a lovely Yule with my parents, sisters and their families :-) I got good gifts, some of what I need, some of what I want and some lovely, not needed surprises, to lighten up my days :-)
When I got home there were more surprises waiting; three swap packages :-) One Halloween package and two Christmas packages. The Halloween package took good time to arrive... there's still a couple of those on their way - or not.
I made some Yule gifts, and I think they were well received, but my family behaves so well it's difficult to say ;-)
My husband and dog had been "alone" home the Yule, and I got a very loving and affectionate welcoming :-D I have two boys clinging on me, as if they'd never been hugged and cuddled with :-) Now it's almost 2 A.M, my hubby is sleeping and my dog came to fetch me to bed :-)

So good night to all :-) I wish your Midwinter feast was lovely :-)

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