Sunday, December 17, 2006

12 Days of Yule - Episode Nine

More holiday cross stitches. There's Snow Place Like Home by Barbara Ana.

Am I boring? Probably... but I've been cleaning the whole week, and finding... er... what ever. That grey fine powder that gathers all over the place, especially on top of things. And I'm allergic to that stuff. So I'm sore, feel like I'm getting flu, and tired, and snotty - again! and all that, so this is what you'll get today. It's a really nice chart, you know. You could make a Yule shopping tote with this as decoration.

Anyway, we had Chanukkah party today. Cardamom coffee and Sufganiyot :-) I don't drink coffee, so it's tea for me :-) I love doughnuts! :-)

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