Monday, September 10, 2012

101 Autumn Crafts - part 2

101 Autumn Crafts - part 2/4
26 Homemade apple chips.

27 Newspaper chains - the acorn one is perfect for Mabon!

28 preserve autumn leaves in wax

29 Origami leaves

30 Make an apple topiary

31 Pumpkin pie play dough

32 shaving cream painted fall leaves

33 finger painted wax paper "leaves" 

34 paint some acorns gold with gold pen and use for all kinds of things...

35 DIY fall topiaries

these favor boxes are not difficult to make.

36 Napkins with hammered autumn leaf prints

37 5 apple cider recipes

38 pinecone picture frame ornaments

39 All kinds of things you can do with pinecones and glue gun :-D

40 make a leaf mobile

41 make pears of light bulbs

42 the cutest fall wreath placecard and napkin ring :-)

43 acorn earrings

44 autumn leaves as gift wrapping

45 make scented pinecones

46 things to do with scented pinecones :-D

47 Very pretty, easy and simple pinecone decorated jars or lanterns

48 make paper pinecones

49 make an acorn cap bowl

50 Wine cork crafts. You know, I just learned a couple of months ago that you can go to a local restaurant or bar and ask if they could give you their used corks! Never thought of the idea! :-D

Dance of the Cymbalist by Frederick, Lord Leighton


Jewels said...

I know that it's 2 months late, but thank you so much for linking me in your post (:

Ketutar said...

Oh! It's never too late :-)
You made me glad :-)
Thank you for that and for collecting the pinecone ideas :-)
Hugs, Ket

V Wozniak said...

Hi. Everything is so pretty. We are having a fall themed wedding. I cannot find a pattern or instructions for the Leaf Favor Boxes. Are there here somewhere on the website?

Ketutar said...

Hi, V :-)

I'm sorry, but you can't find the pattern or instructions for the leaf favor boxes, because there aren't any.
I found the image at Pinterest, and I assume one could buy those boxes somewhere. All the information about how to get these or make these has disappeared into the vastness of Internet.

I think they are easy to make.
You get the favor boxes, that can be of any type.
You make the slip pattern. (Measure around the box where you wish the slip to sit, add the width of the box and cut a slip that is as wide as you wish the slip to be. At this stage, use scrap paper, as you are shaping the pattern, not making the actual slips.
Mark mid point lengthwise on this piece of paper.
Divide the box width in half, mark that from both ends of the slip, and cut a slit on the slip a tiny bit over the median, but from opposite sides at each end, so that you can clasp the slip over the box.
To get the autumn leaf shape ending, you find an autumn leaf shape in right size (cookie cutter, GIF image from the Net, free hand, real leaf), make one leaf of scrap paper, cut it in half, and glue over the ends of the slip you just made, so that when the slip is clasped over the box, the halves meet to form a whole leaf.
Now you have a template for such favor box decoration.

You can make any shape, cut it in half and glue on the paper slip, to make any shapes, like hearts, butterflies, christmas trees, etc.

I do hope this explanation is clear enough. If it's not, just ask, and I'll see if I can make a tutorial for you. Or perhaps even the template. ;-)