Sunday, September 23, 2012

Inspiration for Second Doctor

The second doctor was a little bit of a leprechaun. He too had plaid trousers, long, black coat, a cape - less tailored than first doctor's - and a shirt with ribbon bow, but he's a much more scruffier and more colorful. His shirt is usually depicted as blue, and the trousers are brown plaid. The second Doctor loved his hats, and had a tam, but also a knitted cap and a high hat. He would have a recorder and a little, thick diary with him.

As a Victorian female the outfit would be "a l'├ęcossaise", with ghillies and all.
The lady in the big picture is Irene Morales, a Chilean cantiniere. Her style is pretty much what I'm after with my second doctor :-D 

I would want her to have a corset skirt with those red, painted suspenders :-D

I would also like her to have an Alice haircut. Victorian ladies occasionally had a short cut hair.

Alice Liddell at 7 - George Sand

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