Monday, September 17, 2012

What's my excuse?

Those darling buds you who have read this blog have probably heard me yapping about sewing the corset.
I'm just yapping. Talk talk talk.

Today I saw "1911 corset sew-a-long"

Oh, yay! Maybe I'll finally manage to dare to enter the corset sewing ladies' community!

Ok... so I looked at what the lady says about herself: "I'm sewing my way through every corset pattern in Norah Waugh's book, Corsets and Crinolines. When I complete this challenge I hope to be able to say, "yeah, I can sew," and "yeah, I know a bit about corsets." Here's how the project began, and here are the ground rules."

Oh, nice idea! Hmm... maybe I should do so too... You see, there's this gentleman who taught himself tailoring - from a JAPANESE book - because he couldn't find a winter coat he wanted.
Yes - from zero skills and knowledge to tailoring men's clothing!
If HE can do that, so should *I* be able to, too! I'm no "zero skills and knowledge" either!

Then I read "bridges" description about how she entered the world of corset making.
"I was disappointed when my made-to-measurements corset arrived, because it wasn't good, so I decided to sew one myself. At that point I had sewn only one skirt, and someone else put in the zipper. I bought a book, decided on a pattern, ordered materials and went to work - just the pattern, materials, no directions, and a lot of attitude..." and she made it. 
"There were plenty of issues with that first piece..." but I've made a couple more after that - the last 4 years - and I'm getting better with each..."




What's my excuse, again?

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