Wednesday, September 12, 2012

101 Autumn Crafts - part 4

101 Autumn Crafts - part 4/4

Yuppee! The last leg!

77 Autumn leaf cupcakes - make cupcakes, frost them, and then add the autumn leaves - I suggest you make these apple cupcakes with caramel buttercream. You can also make fruit leather to cut the leaves from... use lemon juice and food dye to get the flashy colors... though apple leather will always be sort of brownish... as far as I know. I have never made fruit leather. The lemon juice should work, at least a little.

78 bean leaf

79 easy, no-cook play dough - I was thinking about the leaf prints... sugar cookies, perhaps? 

80 paint with melting crayons

81 make twisted trees

82 knit a tam

83 Make an autumn leaf quilt

84 I love these acorn cap frames! The other ideas are interesting too, as always :-D

85 make your own felt and cut out leaves for a nice, woolly wreath

86 Make the cutest little autumn leaf guest soaps

87 irish crochet leaves - oak leaves, simple leaves, Japanese maple leaves (yes, the page is in Japanese and the graph might feel intimidating, but don't fear :-D), maple leaves and others (and you could make a belt of them),

88 I adore these acorn napkin rings...

89 crochet a pomegranate

90 crochet a horn of plenty / cornucopia - you can also make all kinds of fruits and veggies to fill it, by crochet, or fill it with real fruits.

91 wax paper and crayon leaves - now, this is another "kiddie craft", but I ADORE Vanessa's take on it.

92 apple and veggie prints

93 felt dahlias - or chrysanthemums or asters... I've never really seen much difference in those anyway. :-D

94 recycle bottles to apple boxes. If I drank soda, I'd make 24 of these for a count-down calendar...

95 fan folded leaves. Yes, I know, Autumn is MUCH more than just leaves, but I love them :-D

96 crochet chrysanthemum

97 apple clay pot jars

98 make felt apple spice pockets

99 Make a very nice jar... thingy... ? with bits, bobs, superglue and ordinary glass jar. You can really use anything as the knob. Like chess pieces, small figurines, stuff glued on other stuff to create an ornamental pile... drawer knobs... anything.

100 Golden apple fall bunting

101 floating acorn cap candles

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