Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Supportive husbands are worth their weight in gold

My husband is the best husband in the whole world :-)

I am scared to death to use money... I am not certain of which tools to use, what I'm going to need, what will I do if the bones are too long, money, money, money...

He told me that I shouldn't be thinking about money, that he thinks it's great I'm sewing myself a corset and that I should take what ever I need to do so. And he's not only saying it, because he finds corsets and Edwardian underwear extremely sexy, but because he thinks it does good for me. I feel better when I do something, something I have been wanting to do for a very long time and not taken myself the time, money and efford. I feel better when I achieve something and I feel better when I wear things I find beautiful and feminine and sexy and me :-)

So I went to the British site and ordered my steel bones, busk and bone casing, and things for garters, and used some 300 kronas. And I'm terrified and very pleased :-D

I'm going to go to the fabric shop with my sisters this weekend, and buy the rest. :-)

I'm really, really terrified and excited :-D

P.S. I also need a brassiere. Here's a pattern for that.
I could also take an ordinary bra, cover the elastics with satin and the bra with lace...

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