Saturday, September 22, 2012

Foxfire has been behaving badly the whole day

...or for as long as I had the computer. It worked beautifully when my husband took over. Now it's working for me too. It's half past one at night, and I should really be sleeping, but...

I have been working a bit more with my corset.
I also found this: diagonal seamed corset. Oh, I want one. And that body too.

I also found this: Doctor Who Cosplay - Victorian Femme.
So inspiring! And puzzling to see these ladies' choices... Mine would have been A LOT different.
I also like this: 11 doctors cosplay
Hmm... I'd like to do my own private 11 doctors as Victorian Femme cosplay... perhaps even as Victorian Femme Feline :-D

Doctor Who I inspiration

This is the first doctor. So - I would, of course, make a white blouse with a black or dark grey ribbon tied prettily under the chin; a light grey vest with black edge on top - or two vests on top of each other. That might be an interesting effect. Black coat and somehow incorporate the plaid Victorian trouser fabric into the skirt... and then a cape with astrakhan collar and those magnificent buttons and astrakhan hat.

 A plaid skirt of a plaid dress from 1880; tailored vest from a pattern book, idea for a vest showing under the jacket and two photos of ladies with a collar and a bow.
The "vest showing under jacket" looks like it's a jacket that's made to look as if it was a vest... and having then the dark vest under that... hmm...

Inspiration from fashion plates 1880. The first one is a riding habit.
I like the 1880's silhouette best.

 shoes like this.

And for some reason I keep thinking about Sian Phillips... 
the lady on the left is an unknown Victorian lady, the lady on the right is Amelia Jenks Bloomer
But she should have her hair up. OF COURSE.

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