Tuesday, September 11, 2012

101 Autumn Crafts - part 3

101 Autumn Crafts - part 3/4

Oh, yes... one hundred and one... it's a nice number. And we have come to the middle of it - so, let's move on :-D

51 Thanksgiving hurricane vases - I would fill the vase with hazelnuts or acorns, rather than corn or peas or beans. Or other seeds and nuts. Not that beans aren't beautiful. You do what you like :-D

52 Make roses from maple leaves

53 Make grape cluster earrings

54 preserving leaves with "mod podge" and a lantern

55 Nut wreath

56 pinecone valance - or  banner

57 "easy nature notecards" - or any decoration, scrapbooking, cards, paper... using the leaves as stamps.

58 Pretty leaf pressings

59 Fall leaf window dressing - the other ideas are nice too :-)
(I don't have the idea what this was referring to, but BHG has great autumn projects. If the link doesn't work, just search "fall" "project" at their search square. I'm sure you'll find something nice and interesting.)

60 Amazing window display - of coffee filters

61 twig candle votive

62 pinecone flower garland

pinecone mandala by Kathy Klein

63 fall leaf napkin tags

64 Super easy leaf garland tutorial

65 Dry some leaves under press and then paint them - I suppose with acrylics or gouache

66 make some leaves from old books (like hymnals, bibles, school books, dictionaries, lexicons and such. The only kind of books my heart allows me to demolish.)

67 fall leaf cutouts

68 tweed leaf bowls and 22 other autumn crafts

69 leaf spirits or fairies

70 woodland fairy folks

71 I can so see this created with seeds, rice, beans, peas, corn, nuts, lentils and spices...

72 This list is for kids; games, activities, art and craft ideas - I'm sure you'll find something that tickles your fancy!

73 wooden beads and felt leaves garland - you can also use nuts as beads, and paper or leather leaves.

74 falling leaves - yes, I know, it's for kids, but... just imagine what YOU could make of it... using scraps of scrap book paper as leaves, making tree bark of yarn... paint a picture of autumn forest in the background...?

75 Making autumn trees of toilet paper rolls 
No, TP rolls are not unhygienic. The world is not full of horrible, dangerous germs - well, it is, but you are part of it. Your cutting board has more of the nasty toilet germs than the empty TP rolls from a normally clean toilet. Your cutting board has more germs than the seat of the toilet, for crying out loud! And you EAT what you cut on the board! You are not going to eat these trees. But - if you absolutely must, you can use kitchen towel rolls, or roll tree trunks of paper. Big deal.
And yes, it's a kids' craft too. So?

76 Autumn Brittle

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