Friday, September 07, 2012

101 Autumn Crafts - part 1

I just love the "50+ inspiration gallery" link collections? It gives me a feeling of plenty and abundance... and then you start going through the links.

Most of them are links to things you are not interested in. You just take the 40+ "inspiration" together with the 10- you ARE interested in... but the wealth doesn't feel quite as abundant anymore.
And there weren't really 50+ links to begin with... some of those links are "5 things to do with..." - or even worse, a list of links, with half of the links on the original list included.
And the ideas are so old they have been around the internet several rounds. Or misleading. Or don't work at all.

But - It's fun, anyway :-D

So, here goes:

101 Autumn Crafts - part 1/4

01 Make a wall decoration of some wire. This is for Christmas; holly, but you would, of course, make the Autumn leaves of your choice. And putting it on orange wall... perfect!

02 Salt dough leaf prints - they could be cookies too!

03 Decoupaging leafs on mason jars - to be used as a candle or storage jar...

04 Make a fall leaf wreath out of old book pages. Dictionaries, encyclopedias and Bibles are good for the paper.

05 Glue silk leaves on small pieces of foam, wood or canvas and spray paint it all... very pretty.
(The original tutorial isn't there anymore, so here's a picture to you to know what I mean.)

06 Very nice leaf reliefs made with real leafs and aluminium foil.

07 Make a really beautiful wreath of Christmas baubles - just use browns, oranges, copper, brass, gold, yellow, red... perhaps purple too, and decorate with silk autumn leaves and autumn colored ribbon.

08 Make a banner of leaf rubbings. You don't need to wait until the leaves change colors. And use better crayons, or pastels.

09 Make caramel apple cider in crock pot, it apparently taste like the one one gets from a certain coffee house chain. I wouldn't know.

10 Make a mobile of thanks.

11 Write an illustrated journal of thanks.

12 Make fall leaf cookies

13 hollow apples and "osage oranges" (hedge apples) into candle holders

14 Make candle cozies

15 Make a beautiful wreath of apples and berries

16 Nice cards for September

17 How to wax leaves

18 make fall felt leaves

19 very simple but beautiful quilt

20 Very autumnal salad; mizuna, pomegranates and persimmons.

21 Make an apple head doll. You can also make "shrunken heads" for Samhain from apples.

22 Make autumn pillows. Here's some made of autumn leaf placemats, but if you can't find any, don't despair. It really isn't more difficult than to cut two pieces of a shape, of any material, and sew them together, leaving an opening (10 cm / 4 inches), turn it inside out and stuff - et voila, you have a pillow.

In my mind fabrics like corduroy, fleece, wool and tweed are very nice for this.

23 Make a fall leaf crown.

24 Make a leaf wreath.

25 Make stenciled votives from inexpensive glasses.
(She had very pretty votives that spelled Thanks on her mantelpiece, you might have seen the photo. But not anymore. :-( I don't know what has happened. But, here's etched mason jars/glasses to replace this tutorial. It's basically the same, except that you'll use glass paint in stead of etching paste.)

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