Wednesday, January 07, 2009

I was surfing and...

got struck by envy. Once again. Sew Liberated (formerly known as Montessori by Hand) had a swap round-up in her blog.

So - a short list of a couple of blessings in my life.
We have been paying tzedakah today. :-) 1/10 of our income to people who have even less than we do. And I can tell you the joy of it is well worth every penny :-)

Also, I have lost 10 and half pounds this year :-) And I have been exercising and drinking water, so it cannot be all muscles and water. :-)

Sew Liberated had a very nice looking blog. I just have to get over my swap envy :-D

P.S. I have knitted my first pair of socks this year.


arnie draiman said...

please consider the following for tzedakah options:


arnie draiman

Ketutar said...

Thank you for letting me know :-)
I'll inform my hubby and we'll decide for next month's tzedakah :-)