Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Imbolc calendar day 13

Really cute polar bear hot pads

"vintage style" heart ornaments - great use of all the bits and bobs you've been saving.

Crochet a really pretty heart shaped potpourri sachet

Nice filet crochet heart pouch - make as many as you want for your countdown calendar and fill with nice things

Or these heart shaped purses, or these, maybe these, or these, or why not a combination? All kinds of heart purses, bags and pouches, different sizes and styles, and create a hearty wreath. You can use also these hearts - or these knitted hearts - to decorate it with...

Very nice ideas - I especially love the card with a very fat bear holding a heart - very Imbolcy. :-)

To make pink and white marshmallow hearts:
Cooking for engineers; marshmallow
Hundred and one recipes and more info on marshmallows

You can make it either by coloring half of the marshmallow dough pink and pouring both doughs on the pan zebra striped, and then use a heart shaped cookie cutter to cut the marshmallows; you can also get heartshaped mini cake forms and pour in first pink dough, then white, or sugarcoat the marshmallows and paint them as you like :-) I'd choose the first option. Use powdered sugar to "flour" the cookie cutters.

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