Saturday, January 31, 2009

Imbolc calendar day 31

It's hard to believe January 2009 is almost over... Imbolc is only two days away.

I have been quite involved in the OWOH happening, visiting blogs and wishing to win things :-D The blog world is full of wonderfully talented, creative and active people, and it's such a joy to visit their blogs :-) I find it very inspiring... I get all kinds of ideas, would like to have a giveaway once a month or so, but I'm not so generous a person... I'd like to get things too :-D I'm not that enlightened and evolved human being and not so good either. >:->

One of the participants was giving away a "flip flop album". I don't even know what it is, it looked very interesting... I got an image of an album with secret pages that flip to reveal even more surprises, pockets and boxes hidden in the album, a sort of a pop-up book...
Here's how to make a flip flop album

Some time ago I talked about a tatting group that was tatting a shape a day or something similar. With this years OWOH I found "Ornament Thursday". One could crochet a motif, a shape, a flower a day and end up with an amazing Irish Crochet thing...

I have been reading through my papers about Imbolc, and found a picture of a mother and daughter, and how they were decorating for Yule - the mother told that she made over 300 white Christmas roses to the tree while she was pregnant with the daughter, and how they still form the base of the tree decoration.
It's really simple: you cut from white tissue paper 3 flowers with six rounded petals and curl the edges. You cut a circle of gold paper and another of cardboard as backing. You make a small, loose pompom of gold yarn and sew all the layers together with the same gold yarn - the cardboard backing, three layers of white petals, golden center circle and yarn frills. Instead of gold yarn, you can use golden present ribbon too and curl it for the center.

Here's a curly package bow, but it looks a bit like a snowflake... Here's a boneflake... Not really Imbolc theme, but really funny :-D

Here's some Imbolc inspiration; red and white, and stones. I love the framed stones she has made.

You could make "Frozen Nature Collages"

or make "Star Windows" or "Rose Windows" of construction paper and tissue paper. You could cut several snowflakes out of the tissue paper, different colors, same size, and clue them on each other. Very pretty ornaments.

Here's really pretty faux stained glass lanterns
Here's star shaped paper lantern
Paper bag luminary
You can make faux stained glass paper lanterns by making a paper box of construction paper or thin cardboard and then cut the "stained glass" pictures on it and glue colored tissue paper inside the box.

You could also make Sky lanterns... several floating in the black February night would be very beautiful...

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