Saturday, January 24, 2009

Imbolc calendar day 24

9 nights left to sleep...

Someone said the newest Popknits has been published. Nice.

Make your own wool dryer balls - to replace both tennis balls and dryer sheets filled with chemicals. Will keep the things dried fluffy and free from static electricity.

How to sew a fabric bowl in the native rootwork technique. Nice way of using rags and leftovers.

Mizuhiki heart knot - either cards or decoration for packages or ornament

Bleeding heart cupcakes and pie

I really like this picture with crocheted hearts, old rose china and pastels... Sweet :-) I wonder what my hubby would say if I decided to decorate our kitchen in this style?

egg carton heart - and if you turn it the other way around, you get 12 little holes you can fill with stuff, like the heart icecube form or... something else I saw recently... what was it? Yes! Someone had made a calendar out of the grey, dull stuffing/support/what-ever in computer boxes by filling the holes with things!

More on "modular crochet" - I mean... GEESH! It's called Irish Crochet, not "modular"! Why invent new "fashionable", "hot", "cool", "hip" names to something that has existed hundreds of years?

sea glass mosaic candlesticks - there's something fascinating in these...

festive felted garland - more snowballs... now with Imbolcy red details

make your own vanilla extract - vanilla is a very imbolcy spice. It comes in pods and you use the seeds, it's black and aphrodisiac...

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HI KET! Just dropping by to wish you an awesome day and an awesome week ahead. :)