Monday, January 19, 2009

Imbolc calendar day 19

"How many days are there left to that --- Imbolc!" you might scream. Fair enough... exactly two weeks. Imbolc is on Monday 2nd of February.

I don't know how many of you know that I am on a diet right now. I'm proud and happy to say I've lost 15 pounds so far (7 kilos) :-) I'm on a low-carb diet and I AM DYING TO GET SOME SUGAR!!! I don't know how many of you know but I am a rather ok baker... Bread and pasta are the secrets of my wonderful obese figure. And I may not eat any of that stuff now! AAAAAARGH!!

Anyway, here's some guilt free sweets...

glazed donuts
and another glazed donut
and a third
and a fourth
and some jelly donuts too (Ich bin ein Berliner :-))

giant chocolate truffel - or chocolate muffin... what ever :-)

bakewell tart
fruit tarts

pumpkin pie - make with brown and get chocolate pie.
piece of cherry pie
piece of blueberry pie
piece of lemon meringue pie
cream custard pie

Different sweets, like strawberry spongecake and fairycakes
more such

Tea party treats

box of chocolate

chocolate covered strawberries - no pic

petit fours for peeps
playtime petit fours

Buttercream cake plate warmer
Mother's Day Cake - no pic
Another cake
piece of cake
another piece of cake

moldy cupcake - leave the eyes out and make it of another color and you'll have a quite presentable cupcake
Think Pink cupcake
Strawberry swirl cupcake
guiltless chocolate cupcake
fancy cupcake
more cupcakes
and yet more
and these too
don't forget these
nor these
this might be interesting
or this
or this
"A knitted high tea" - cupcakes (I have to point out here that "high tea" is actually the tea supper, and tea with sandwiches and cakes is a "low tea".)
cupcake egg cozies and chocolate cake teapot cozy

strawberry glazed cake - or bun

cinnamon buns
cinnamon roll
iced chocolate bun with cherry

jam swiss roll

cookie coin purse - sew both sides together, and you'll get a cookie
cream filled cookie fridgie
Santa's cookies
sugar cookie ornament
oreo cookies
knitted biscuit (sandwich cookie, oreo)
cream biscuit
I really like gingerbread. I don't care it's not Yule.

Mugs of hot chocolate with marshmallows

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