Saturday, January 03, 2009

Imbolc calendar day 3

Both the Pagan winter feasts, Yule and Imbolc, are about family. In cold winter days, with a little light (even though days are longer than a week ago, they are still short.) there wasn't much to do, when people depended on candlelight. Now-a-days we have electricity and computers, televisions and all kinds of things that makes the seasons very similar.
Nevertheless, I believe there are some memories left in the human mind... memories that make us want to sit inside and be with friends and family in the winter time, whether it is cold or not, dark or not.
But I am Finnish, live in Sweden, at the height of Alaska and Siberia. It is warmer here than in both Alaska and Siberia, but still cold and dark in winter. Sun rose quarter to nine A.M. this morning and will set about 3 P.M.

So here's some family things:

Build family mail boxes - they will be really cute decorated with Valentine paper and scrapbooking ideas, and you can leave a loving message to all you hold dear the whole month.

There really are tons of self made Valentine's card ideas on-line.

You can also make games with 9 pictures:
Don't Eat Val or Bingo. These are really easy games that are quite fun and can be played by almost everyone. Use your favorite pics of your loved ones and make the playcards in scrapbook style yourself. Something like with these photo blocks. It really doesn't need to be complicated and advanced.

Another fun game you could make is Pass the Piggies... Pigs don't have anything to do with Imbolc, but they are pink and cute... You COULD make them white and claim them sheep ;-) :-D

I like these Valentine's blocks - quite easily made, if you want some too.

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