Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Imbolc calendar day 14

Bears are Imbolc symbols, and black as soil and white as snow - so panda bears are excellent decoration theme for Imbolc :-D

I like this scarf

pair of mittens for lovers - or three mittens for two lovers. In norwegian.

Make a heating pad at home. Works like Jo's apple pie - warm it and put in your pocket in cold mornings, it will keep your hands warm :-D

Some heart washcloths/dishcloths
knit heart lace cloth and another
knit heart shaped cloth and another
"embossed hearts all over" and another ;-) and a third and a fourth and a fifth...
lattice hearts - one could say this too is "embossed hearts all over"
lacy hearts all over
4 embossed hearts
Mason Dixon washcloths, Ann, has embossed hearts too
grandmom's favorite with embossed heart
two nice embossed patterns
"a piece of my heart"
and here's a long list with hearty cloths

Love this skirt

and these penny pockets are very pretty... one could make them of hearts...

heart shaped tea bags. Though I haven't ever seen infusable teabags...

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