Tuesday, May 27, 2008

I bought a couple of books...

I have wanted Nancy Bush's sock books for a very long time... now I have two of them :-)
"Knitting vintage socks" and "Folk socks".
I also bought Solveig Hisdal's "Poem in stitches" in Swedish.
Fourth new book in my collection is Lena Nessle's "Knitting with plant dyed yarns" - also in Swedish.

I am a little disappointed with "Folk Socks"... I expected more patterns, and a little more advanced patterns. But I will be knitting my own Norwegian Stockings ;-)

I am very disappointed with "Poem in stitches", as there is not one pattern I can knit without adjusting it for myself. I think knitting books that don't take into consideration that the audience might be XL, XXL or even bigger, are elitist, chauvinist, sizeist and buying into the "woman can never bee too thin" ideology... Knit pretty patterns, by all means, but only if you are a model. Fat women don't need to bother. Also, the patterns weren't quite as wonderful as I thought they were... But it's a very good inspiration book. I will be able to take it to the next step and probably several steps further.

An as good or better inspiration book is "Knitting with plant dyed yarn". Lena Nessle has written many crafting books, and in this she gives general rules, advice, color patterns and tells how to design and form your own knits. No patterns - as far as I could see - but it's more an inspiration book for advanced knitters and dyers. I'm very pleased with it :-)

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