Monday, May 12, 2008

Said on-line

"Now, the story behind this teacosy. My DMIL is first generation american. Her mother is from Ireland. DMIL gets lots of catalogues and such from Ireland. She can even have Irish citizenship (so can by DH). Anyway, cut out a picture of a teacosy from a catalogue and wanted me to come up with a pattern for it. I put it off forever. Then she went to Ireland and brought back the actual teacosy and Irish wool to knit it with. So, I came up with this pattern. It's pretty close to the actual teacosy. She even made me one."
-- Jo at Knitlist

Yeah... sounds just like my mother LOL My mother asked me to knit her a green cap. I have been doing other things, not her cap, so the next thing she does is to give me a book about knitted hats, caps and such...


I have seen many copyright notices, but I think these are the best!

"Feel free to share this pattern as long as you keep this Copyright intact. Do not sell this pattern, mass produce it, include it in collections, websites, newsletters, etc., without the express written permission from the Sockguy. Come on, now, don't be afraid, just ask me! I'm pretty easy."

"Feel free to share this pattern with Copyright intact. Do not sell this pattern, mass produce it, include it in collections, throw it away, use it to line birdcages, construct paper airplanes out of it, yada, yada, yada."

-- SockGuy

P.S. Today's free pattern (;-)) is Interweave Knits' summer 2005 shrug special. If you like shrugs, here you have a selection - for different types of yarns, styles, preferences...

P.S. This goes for crafters too...

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Becka the Spoiled Knitter said...

Hi! I received your beautiful and heartwarming message on Ravelry and wanted to tell you that you made my day! You are so kind! I tried to reply to you on Ravelry but I couldn't get through so I'm thanking you here! Oh My, you just don't know how you made me feel, thanks so much!