Saturday, May 17, 2008

Summer of Socks...

I am very ambitious... I know I shouldn't be, because it creates just impossible expectations, anxiety and disappointment... I don't even know what the prize is, but I'd still love to win it LOL
The prize? I think there's some kind of prize to be won if you knit the most socks during the 10 weeks of summer, from midsummer to September. You see, I'm not even sure of that there is a prize... it might just be the honor of being the most productive and workaholic person who spoiled her summer by knitting socks with stress and anxiety LOL (Or his summer - there are actually men who knit too)
And what if I win? What if I get the honor of proving I'm a competitive workaholic? Nothing. A couple of sock-knitters in the internet world might know who I am, that's it. It might be worth something if I sold my sock designs, but I don't. I don't even manage to get my designs from the sketch phase to realization nor pattern, so it's pretty useless. You see, I designed another pair of socks:

I don't know what flower that is, but it's begging to be a pair of knee-high socks. One could also add a little more structure by knitting the flowers for the ankle part separately and then sewing them on the embossed design. I really love that heel and gusset idea... I even know how to make it happen LOL But - I'm good with initiating things, not with getting things done :-)

Here's BTW a "Diagonal Decrease Sock Heel Pattern" with two versions. It's for people who don't like purling. Done completely with knits.
Here's a good tutorial for eclectic heel.
And here's Laurie's Toes & Heels and other information about sock knitting

The day's free pattern is two - Percy bag and the big brother, Monk's travel sachet

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