Saturday, May 10, 2008


Needlebinding, needle mitten technique... It's sort of a needle lace technique. It's basically what the wired needle lace parts of the stumpwork are. You just do it with bigger needle and thicker yarn, and not with thread. You know the difference of fine lace knitting or crocheting and knitting or crocheting socks.
Now, there are several different ways of needlebinding.

Here is video tutorial on the Finnish stitch (Korgen), twisted stitch and Russian stitch. It is in Finnish, but you can see very clearly what she is doing, so you don't need to understand what she is saying.
Here is the York stitch - first beginning, first round and how to start needlebinding the work into a cylinder.
Here is the Oslo stitch, with German speech.
Here is the Asle stitch, with English speech.

Directions for the Coptic (Tarim) stitch, the buttonhole stitch and the Danish stitch

Construction of needlebinded socks

a couple more links: (in Finnish)

Toothbrush rugs,1793,HGTV_3390_1384948,00.html

About raised embroidery and stumpwork
Information on stumpwork, needle lace and Brazilian embroidery

Medieval Muslim Knitting
Donna Kallner's looped fiber art works

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