Monday, May 12, 2008

More on socks...

Woolworks knitting patterns: Socks and slippers
These are text files - no pictures
The only pattern not a txt.file was Donna Kenton's Elizabethan hose - that's stockings.

Here's Knitlist's sockpatterns - quite a many of the forementioned socks with pictures

Online sock patterns categorized

Opal yarn free patterns

Cascade yarns free patterns - some very nice sock patterns.

Wendyknits discussion on favorite free sock patterns on-line

sock resources
The knitting fiend sock resources/links and sock link frenzy

lolly knitting around socktober fest blog entries - with a couple of tutorials and such

Rachel's ramblings with a couple of free sock patterns

Sockaholic and sockamaniac - blogs - and sockamaniac's site with a lot of resources etc.
Cookie's site

My wists - free sock patterns around the net - different languages

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