Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Tänka sig...

Rectangular shawl patterns
Triangular shawl patterns

Why is this skirt called "liquorice bullet"?

I made myself a knitting thimble. Took some thin wire and coiled it around the handle of a wooden spoon. It works perfectly. It works all too perfect LOL The stitches are even and pretty, the tension is perfect and the color pattern stands out very nicely. Too perfect? you might ask... well... I knitted the first sock without the thimble and the second stock with, and the second sock is like ugly ducklings beautiful little sister. Two sizes smaller and doesn't have my usual "hand-spun" quality :-D
It takes a little time to get used to use it - it really feels like a thimble. I have problems using the thimble in sewing as well, I usually end up with my index finger peeking in the air almost paralyzed by the thimble, and I try to use my middle finger - unprotected - to push the needle through the fabric... so pretty useless ;-) I use my index and middle finger to keep the knitting yarn tense, so when there's the wire around my index finger, I try to keep the tension with the other fingers, and that doesn't work... It took some time for me to get that I can STILL keep the tension as I am used to, the thimble isn't an obstacle.
I'm really happy though, as the results are well worth it :-)

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