Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Knitting stitches, color patterns...

I haven't thought of this before - there's nothing that says one cannot "tilt" the colorwork pattern and knit it horizontally instead... that little one with triangles becomes quite interesting...

You see? (It's a little too narrow swatch but you can see how it works. :-)

About the knitting stitches then:

KnitWiki has very nice "spider" patterns - lace
"Star rib mesh"
Here's a very nice top with English Mesh Lace
Very nice stitches here: K1,P1, Keeping You in Stitches Studio
- they have Spanish Mesh stitches
Lolita net socks have a nice fishnet lace pattern
Bird's eye lace shawl
Here's some nice stitches too and here

Today's free pattern is Baby Surprise Jacket - the one piece knitting by Elizabeth Zimmermann :-)

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