Sunday, May 04, 2008

More about stitches

I like stitch samples...

Here's my first collection of stitch links on-line

Today I found this: Antique Pattern Library
and there was a book with suggested stitches for knitting vests for men.
Cobble stitch - that is moss stitch - cross stitch, which looks like some sort of brioche, and diamond stitch, which I didn't even understood how it was supposed to be made... I think it's honeycomb brioche, but I'm not quite sure of that...
But I found this very nice collection of brioche stitches.

I also found Angel Hugs Stitch Sampler

Then there's the Walker Treasury Project, which doesn't give the stitches - they are in Barbara Walker's Treasuries ;-) - but gives you some kind of idea of that there are HUNDREDS OF STITCHES - all created with simple twist of yarn on needles... Women's ingenuity and ability to vary is amazing! YAY! HOORAY!

P.S. Craftzine blog had an entry on stitches...

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