Monday, September 15, 2008

Procrastinating in the internet... again :-D

This time I started with Mrs. Fife, and Where Is She Now? I think she is fascinating.

From Mrs. Fife's place I got to Crochet Me Blog, and from there to Whedoncraft... I really love Firefly. I read this interview with Heather Hill, and she said: "(The Jayne hat) comes in a cardboard box, packed in straw, with a handwritten note, which is the same as the one that the character Jayne's mom wrote to him in the show." Obviously, in the episode in which Jayne got the rather hideous hat from his mom, it arrived in this manner... My hubby wants one - of course - and I SO would love to be able to get it from Heather... if you want to know why, go and read the open letter for big damn heroes :-)

Another link I had saved was 25 motif challenge and Tatting design challenge... Now, I know how to tat, but... I'm not too fond of it. I like crochet better. And I wonder why is there no 25 motif challenge for crochet or crochet design challenge? Perhaps I should start...
There was this picture of Wendy's collection. Nice, huh? (Look at Wendy's tutorials on the right side column...)

(The inquiring minds want to know what to DO with all that, and the romantic minds answer "just things of bliss :-) You DO nothing special, just love :-)")

Anyway, she had some links, and one of the was to Sarah London and her Hawaiian flower afghan (or should I say Ann's Hawaiian flower lap blanket) or her Celtic crochet afghan... (and, no, the Celtic isn't referring to Celtic people but it's a manner of crocheting loops and then interweaving them to create patterns that remind of those in Book of Kells or other Celtic calligraphy. :-D)

Sarah revealed that she hasn't read one Harry Potter book, and lead me to Micky, who lead me to Monster Crochet, vintage chapeau CAL and Snowflake Mondays

Today's free patterns are from Irene... It's up only through wayback machine, so take what you like, because tomorrow it might not be up there anymore... :-( Which is what happened with Potholder Lady... to my big surprise, disappointment and sadness.

Then I'll throw in another free pattern site... Jimmy Beans Wool free patterns - mostly scarfs, but those are needed too :-)

Oh... and I found out about the Turkish Oya lace, which is in practice colorful lace border - sewn, crocheted, tatted... They usually edge scarves with it.

And I found about J.S.Lewis... a new fantasy writer, sounds a bit like Holly Black, Susan Cooper or Alan Garner...

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