Sunday, June 11, 2006

And so it is...

I will be sending my May feline swap package about 19th-20th June - and my June feline swap package within a week after that... Not funny. :-(

But I have been knitting - I knitted socks for my husband - there will be a picture, when I have it :-) I'm good at socks :-) It was my own model, a slightly moderated classic sock pattern, of the amazingly beautiful peacock-colored yarn I got :-) It has a small pattern in heel, with yarn I dyed with food coloring and beetroots :-) And I designed them, draw the pattern and knitted them in two days :-)
I'm really proud of myself!

Then I made a scarf - and found out that I really don't like knitting scarfs... Now, THAT'S BORING! So I probably will never get Peacock Feathers shawl... I was thinking of knitting it and then painting it in peacock colors... But... *sigh* Perhaps I manage to take just do it and stop thinking LOL

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