Monday, June 12, 2006

Art and a Cup of Java

My talented husband has been envious about my swaps, but he's not a fiber crafter, so my swaps aren't quite his cup of tea - besides, he drinks coffee ;-) So he started a new swap of his own; Art and a Cup of Java. The swap consists of a couple of pieces of original art, coffee (or tea - he's kind :-D - I don't drink coffee LOL), an edible treat and artist material.

I think he has a great idea, because I really like art, and like to have art on our walls - and I really like to promote other "starting", new, unknown artists, and would be proud of having their art on my walls too - so I'm really happy about him starting this swap :-)

Right now there's only the two of us, so PLEASE, join - and spread the word! LOL Not that I mind having his art on my walls, or that he would mind mine, but - we kind of already have our art on our walls LOL

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