Friday, June 02, 2006

June is "Finish What You Have" month

Blame Turkey Feathers - and thank her after June is over and you have actually finished off some of the UFOs howering around you. I think I will use this June to finish off what I have started and in July I'm going to forget every UFO... at least every UFO I'm not on my way of finishing. At least every UFO older than this year... At least every UFO older than this century. And this time I mean it! :-D

In "Tie One On" the theme for June is "your favorite musical"... What is my favorite musical? My Fair Lady, perhaps... I don't know... *hmm* I have to think about that. ("Aristocats", cries my inner 5-years-old. Oh... Thomas O'Malley... Mmmm *_*)
In Color*iffic Swap*o*rama the colors for this month - or actually next month - are chocolate brown and baby blue (or aqua) and the colors for Feline Flipflop are pink, black, white and turquoise :-) Oh, yes, send me a lot of aqua and turquoise things, please! ;-)

In Pincushion Challenge the theme is flowers.

In Six Sox we are making "Elisabeth's Color Blox Sox" and in Knit-A-Long we are making White Lies' Shapely T or Tank.

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