Thursday, June 01, 2006

Next two swaps arrived the very same day!

First there's the Coloriffic Swaporama package :-)
Jixichick was so generous and she had read my blog :-D First the foxy bag... I fell in love with it the first time I saw it - it's so pretty and VELVET! My favorite material :-D And the bandana - under all the other things - is bold and PAISLEY!!! I love paisley :-) She had made some pins of old scarfs, and chosen - yes, MORE PAISLEY just for me :-) And cookie cutters and liquorice chewing gum and knitting needles and those cute little sweaters to keep my sock needles together :-) It was a really considerate and lovely gift :-) Thank you very much, Jixichick :-)

Then the teaswap and more considerate and lovely things. :-) Thank you, Louise :-)
The picture isn't very good, the dark blob in the right upper corner is PEACOCK colored wool :-) (Mountain Colors' "Evergreen") Hand-dyed and really lovely :-) The other skein is very soft merinowool :-) (Cherry Tree Hills' "Cabin Fever")
And the tea! I love the little tea forté pyramids :-) And the ruby red herbal tea, Flora, was a wonderful treat! It's so red and the smell was lovely and the taste... oh, so heaven! (Yes, I have already tasted it LOL) Then I got a whole bag filled with tea samples from "Mrs. Kelly's" :-) Irish Breakfast (my husband tried that one, and it's his tea - lightly smoked and creamy), Mrs. K's Breakfast tea, Choco Mint, Market Mint herbal tea, Apricot black tea, Organic Earl Grey, Lung Ching green tea and tree berry teas, Herbal Raspberry, Frambois Fleur and Berry Sage.
Then she send me a package of note cards and the most beautiful little cup made by her friend Kate Daly and a lavender soap by Dunlaoghaire (The Soap People) :-)
And the nut rolls :-) Salty nuts around something soft and white, inbedded in caramel. Really yummy :-)
As said, I brew two cups of tea, one Flora for me and one Irish Breakfast for my husband, and we shared one nut roll and enjoyed the tea and the treat by kitchen table :-) *deep sigh of content*

I'm so happy I'm bursting :-)

One more thing - the merino yarn goes perfectly with my new foxy bag LOL


Tanya Hyman said...

I'm so glad you liked the coloriffic package. It was such a fun challenge this month. I enjoyed reading your blog every day to try to get ideas about what you might like. Enjoy!

Dov said...

I can vouche for the utter delight. She was jumping up and down, squealing: "I was for me, it was for me!"

Shadow Bear/aka Loony Yid