Wednesday, June 14, 2006

I just keep finding new things :-D

Color week at "Little Birds". The blog is inspiring and the idea to post a picture of a certain color every day of the week is a great idea to get some action to the blog LOL

So here's my Wednesday:Black picture ;-)Yes, it's our dog Boris' nose :-)

How did I find it? I am participating in a "Surprise Mystery Craft Challenge" swap. Why? I don't really know... it's really not my cup of tea... So when the others make great, artistic and fabulous things like this mobile, or these artworks, I make boring stuff like this:
But I suppose I was having difficulties in waiting for the "real" swaps to start, and then I was having Whiplash abstinence LOL


Ohjeeze said...

Your craft is beautiful. You have excellent English also.

Ketutar said...

Thank You, Your Majesty :-)

Unknown said...

you know i just noticed you linked to the mobile i made, and i think it is so funny because i actually saw yours on flickr BEFORE i even made mine! i was suffering from artist's block so i was trying to search for ideas. i saw yours and i thought to myself why couldn't i have thought to make that! i was having so much trouble thinking of something, but as with anything one day an idea just comes to you!

i was sad because i didn't receive anything for this swap, but your creation rocked. maybe i'll make a mobile for myself :)