Tuesday, June 13, 2006

Things are happening...

I forgot to post on Friday - my One Skein pal send me a package :-) It was very nicely packaged in a piece of Japanese fabric :-)

Two skeins of Noro's Shabon in the amazing teal color :-) It's 70% Cotton and 30% Rayon (Viscose) ribbon with picoted edge... It looks like Noro's Shabon has been discontinued, so I'm having a real rarity in my hands :-) So I feel very special and pleased right now :-) Thank you, my One Skein pal :-) Very generous of you :-) And I just love the color :-)
I'll post a swatch, when I have made it :-) Yeah, I can't stop smiling LOL

I'm planning on making a top of this, but I need to find a plain cotton of this color to fill in the middle. I doubt 100 g of this is enough for a top of size 48... (XXXXL) Or maybe a scarf... Let's see what it will become :-)

And the piece of Japanese fabric will become a Tarot bag *wide grin* It's absolutely perfect size for that :-)

What a lucky gal I am *_*

That I should have posted last Friday, I took the photo the same day (I opened the parcel and then I remembered that I should have taken a picture, and tried to package it the same way it was wrapped, but... if it looks a bit weird, it's my fault, not my pals. It looked great, when I got it *blush*)

Now I should have written that the Whiplash have started again! YAY!!!

"For the next couple of weeks, until the end of June, I would love you, the readers, to upload a link to your favourite handcrafted item, that you have made recently, by way of an introduction to your blog and your crafting specialty/personality."
What the heck is my favorite handcrafted item right now, and that shows my personality???

And then there's Work In Process Fridays going on... Funny :-) I should have taken a picture of my socks when they were still WIPs :-)
But here they are: my hubby's clog socks :-)

I just love the color :-) I think I might be borrowing them every now and then... *smug smile*

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