Friday, June 02, 2006

The thing is that I really don't like purple...

There's a "roses, violets and periwinkle blue" swap going on, and I would have liked to join - except that I don't like lavender and periwinkle... And that makes it a little uncomfortable, as I got so many lovely things from my swap partners... and... some of them were purple... Like the very beautiful handmade little cup my teaswap pal send me... It truly is beautiful, and I appreciate very much the thought behind the gift, and I love that friends use the small opportunities like this to promote their friends - I would never have known of Kate and her work had not Louise send me the things she did... and I truly think Kate is worth noticing. But... it's purple... and LIGHT purple.
Or my dear, lovely coloriffic swap pal, who chose purple as the third color, because it is a rich color, and I love rich colors... It's not that I hate purple, it just isn't my color... and she is right in that I love rich, spicy colors. The very dark, rich, spicy reddish purple IS one of my favorite colors.
My sweet Feline swap pal chose the light purple as purple part of the purple-and-yellow swap. *sigh* Luckily, this is not too bad, because I have a sister who loves purple, and just the shade of purple I don't like - so I can forward all the purple things to her. But - it's not the same thing anyway.
It is true, that I appreciate everything I have received, because it's the thought that matters most, but I would have appreciated it more had it not been quite that purple. I feel awful saying this, because people have been doing their best to make a package to make me happy, and knowing that I don't like purple gives the giving a bit sad taste - I know I want the RECEIVER to like what I send, and I just assume that everyone else does the same - and I really don't want to cause any sadness to any of these lovely people who have been putting their time, money and energy - their thoughts - on me... but I also know that to avoid getting more purple things and to avoid people "wasting" their kindness I better say it right out. It hurts less that way. But it's sad anyway :-(

The lavender fairy here is very beautiful picture, but will never get to the walls of my home.
And this is my picture of the ugliest color on earth:

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